Our Practice Evolves Along With Vision Correction Technology

We put a lot of thought into names.

Dozens of books and websites, and plenty of in-laws, are willing to help you come up with the perfect baby name. We agonize over the name for a new puppy or kitten. And after sharing a couple bottles of wine with good friends, you might come up with the perfect witty name for your boat.

Then there are business names. Or in my case, the name of a medical practice.

Much like a child or a pet, a well-cared-for business will be with you for a long time. You need a name that is simple, easy to remember and stands the test of time. However, that doesn’t mean it has to last forever.

Back in 1996, we named our practice LaserVue Orlando because it was a perfect fit at the time. Our specialty was laser eye surgery. It was the dawn of the Internet age, and quirky spellings were all the rage. So “Vue” instead of “View” made all the sense in the world. By late 2015, however, we sensed it was time for a change.

Before branching out on my own with LaserVue in the late ’90s, I spent about 10 years in practice with my father at the Magruder Eye Institute. I branched out on my own because I wanted to practice in a smaller, more intimate environment where I could provide more personalized care. But to avoid confusion with Magruder Eye Institute, I didn’t attach my name to the new practice.

In the two decades since then, my father has retired, and vision correction procedures have evolved.

We now have a plethora of procedures at our disposal to help people with a wide variety of vision problems. The techniques and technology are constantly evolving. So at the beginning of this year, we adopted a new name that reflects our heritage and our commitment to helping our patients see what they’ve been missing.

LaserVue Orlando is now Magruder Laser Vision.

It feels right. And in many ways, it feels like I’ve come home again.